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About Us

CBS Solution, is an independent broking and distribution company based in London since 2016

We work on the international distribution of cleaning machines, cleantech and innovative products for corporates and individuals. With a consulting and project management approach we deliver advices, services and products. We are engaged to deliver efficient solutions to our clients and generate new perspective of development for their businesses. 


UK Market

CBS Solution work on the UK Market since 2016 specifically for innovative solutions with local partners to deliver quality, excellence of service and profitability on a long term basis.


We are constantly moving forward on news line of business that are in line with our Business DNA.


We believe that the UK Market is a tremendous place for business operation and innovative solutions.

International Market

CBS Solution, as an International Brokerage & Sales Agency, is working on the International Market with Local Distributor and Business Introducer to deliver quality, excellence of service, and profitability on a long term basis.


Based strategically in London City, we promote and distribute globally innovative products and solutions to satisfy our privileged clientele.


With a Consulting and Diplomatic approach, we want to establish strategic bridges to connect Provider and Local Distributor globally.


We are looking for long term, profitable and sustainable International Partnership.

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